One in Five Women in the US Has Been Raped: The War on Women

January 27, 2013 / no comments

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This is a slightly revised version of an essay I published on DailyKos.

The results of the CDC’s National Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Survey for 2010. The figures are stunning:

  • 35.6% of women have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner
  • 24.3% of women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner
  • 18.3% of American women have been raped in their lifetime.
  • 51.1% of those rapes are by an intimate partner
  • 40.8% are by an acquaintance
  • 79.6% of rapes took place before women were 25
  • 42.2% of rapes took place before women were 18
  • 16.2% of women have been victimized by stalkers
  • 66.2% of stalkings were carried out by former partners
  • Across all types of violence, the majority of both female and male victims reported experiencing violence from one perpetrator.
  • Across all types of violence, the majority of female victims reported that their perpetrators were male.
  • Male rape victims and male victims of non-contact unwanted sexual experiences reported predominantly male perpetrators. Nearly half of stalking victimizations against males were also perpetrated by males. Perpetrators of other forms of violence against males were mostly female.
  • 1.4% of American men have been raped in their lifetime. Most of them were raped by other men. 44% of men who were stalked were targeted by other men.
  • 4.8% of American men reported being forced to penetrate someone else.

There’s a war being waged against American women, and we’re taking casualties every single day. And now the Republicans want to force us to carry rapist’s babies to term. Continue Reading…

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